Making a Claim

Please contact us immediately on 0333 800 70 60 as soon as you need to make a claim

How does a claim work?

  • Call us on the above number to log a claim between Monday to Friday 09:30-17:00
  • Claim out of office hours. If you need to make a claim on your AXA Building Insurance policy when our office is closed please call 0870 9000 867 (option 2). This is a 24/7 phone line.
  • To make a claim on all other insurance policy types outside office hours, please check your insurance documents for the relevant 24/7 phone number
  • If you have a fire or a severe flood please do not hesitate to contact us for advice as our main priority is your peace of mind!
  • If there are emergency works, you have immediate authorisation to go ahead.¬†EG: If there is a burst pipe, insurers allow you to STOP THE LEAK but any renovation works will have to be authorized. Insurers will only pay for trace and access, which is costs which relate to finding the leak only. The cost of repairing the leak is not covered under the insurance policy.
  • We will email/post you a claim form which has to be completed and returned within 30 days of the incident along with 2 estimates for repairs required any invoices for emergency works and photographs of the damage suffered.
  • Once we have received this we will be in contact within 1-2 working days, providing you with a claims reference number and requesting any further information required by insurers.
  • Authorisation will be provided within 5 working days from receipt of the estimates subject to receiving all the requested information.
  • Please be aware that insurance companies are likely from time to time to employ the services of a loss adjuster to validate your claim.
  • We will chase the insurer on your behalf in respect of any aspect of your claim be it, authorisation or settlement.
  • Once the works are done we will require an Invoice for the works completed.
  • Insurers will send you a cheque within 14 days minus the excess

Need a builder?

If you require a builder feel free to call (0333 800 70 60) or email our PA on and ask for one! We have several trusted contractors on our books, who we are happy to recommend.

Little N Large Tips

  • For any fires/theft/malicious damage please always ask the police for a Crime Reference Number
  • If you have emergency works, we advise you take pictures before doing any work
  • An emergency is classed as water leaking or entering the property/Fire etc.
  • Trace and access is only covered if it has come from a bursting or leaking of water apparatus and this is only covered if there is resultant damage.
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