Landlord insurance jargon in plain English

In many walks of life we will come across technical jargon which requires some quiet alone time to familiarise ones self with the terms before embarking on a particular agreement, policy or decision.

Landlord insurance is no different and there a whole dictionary of terms to get your head around before using them in conversation. Being a landlord in itself carries substantial responsibility and accountability so you will want to make sure you are fully equipped with all the information and knowledge you may need should a particular situation arise.

Having pre-determined each and every possible avenue by familiarising yourself with the glossary of terms, you will save yourself time and possible stress and anxiety later on down the line by being prepared in advance.

To make life easy, check out our landlord insurance jargon in plain English factsheet which can be downloaded in PDF format below. Click on the PDF logo to download our helpful factsheet.

Landlord insurance jargon in plain English




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