HMO: Gaining familiarity with the term

A house in Multiple Occupation, or HMO, refers to properties shared by three or more tenants who are unrelated. Therefore as a general rule, families homes cannot pay claim to being a house in multiple occupation unless there are two non-family members paying rent on the property – a situation that rarely occurs.

Given these simple regulations, the term HMO can typically be applied to shared flats and houses, bedsits, bedsits, boarding houses, hotels and bed & breakfasts with permanent residents.

HMOs are generally more profitable than other residential lettings, but with this fact comes the point that successfully managing a HMO requires far more work and initial cost.

To learn about HMO properties in greater detail download our helpful and insightful factsheet guide. Click on the PDF logo to download.

HMO: Gaining familiarity with the term




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