Dealing with troublesome tenants?

With the modern property market proving an unpredictable environment, ones decision to sell a home is proving increasingly problematic. In respect of this fact, many are choosing to rent out the property but although this may prove a coping measure, it is unfortunate that this too poses potential hiccups.

From a landlord’s point of view, you want to be safe in the knowledge that the individuals renting out your property are not only reliable in terms of payments but are also respectful, considerate and law abiding in relation to property they will be living within.

Landlord’s insurance and the housing market contains a lot of jargon which may prove overwhelming upon first glance but when you dig a little deeper and take more of an informed look at some of the key terms underpinning the industry, it is all rather straightforward.

Although you may have a picture perfect image in your head about the type of tenants you envisage living in your property, this can differ dramatically in real life and so to make the entire process as smooth and stress free as possible, it is worth taking some time out to gain some familiarity with certain procedures while making sure you are in control at all times.

To make this as efficient as possible, check out our top tips on dealing with troublesome tenants which can be downloaded in PDF format below. Click on the PDF logo to download our factsheet.

Dealing with troublesome tenants




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